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In my last blog post I mentioned UbotStudio and how easy it was to use. In fact, I got rid of my team of Russian coders and now use UbotStudio to create cool software!

I thought I should show you the software I’ve been working on… so here it is… all 100% created in UbotStudio, 100% by me.

If I can do it, you can. So get a copy of Ubotstudio using the exclusive coupon I arranged for you. (The coupon for 25% off is embedded in the link and ends on November 1st!)


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UbotStudio Review

Ubot Studio Coupon

Ubot Studio Coupon

[note: I’ve been given permission to post this at my blog due to spam filters eating my email!]

Things have sure changed since I sold my first ebook in 1997!

  • People don’t see ebooks as valuable (see Kindle)
  • People don’t see music as valuable (see Spotify)
  • People don’t see videos as valuable (see Youtube)
  • People don’t see digital services as valuable (see Fiverr)

So, what’s left for an online entrepreneur to SELL?

I’ll tell you… software.

People still respect software. People are still willing to pay for quality software.

In the past I used software to build my email lists to tens of thousands, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales of products to people based on those opt-ins.

I paid coders thousands of dollars to create the software and organising them was a gigantic hassle, which is why I no longer offer the old software.

BUT I’ve found a tool that helps you create software just as good as what my coders created, and it’s easy to use.

The software’s called “UbotStudio” and I’ve been using it over the last few months to create cool software. It’s basically replaced my coding team!

I like it so much I twisted the arm of the creator, Seth, to get a unique discount coupon for you. He said “OK, but it’ll only last for two weeks”.

You will not find this coupon anywhere else. It’s just for people on my list. Unlike a lot of companies, UBotStudio do NOT have permanent coupons. You can’t just query Google and find one! :)

[actually, I’ve been granted permission to post this on my blog due to the spam-filter problem, so if you’re really lucky and read this post before November 1st without being a member of my list, congratulations!]

So here’s your chance to get this amazing software at a deep discount…

The coupon is good for a huge 25% off the Standard version, 20% off Professional and 15% off Developer, which I use.

Oh, I should let you know, there’s a useful tutorial PDF and a ton of videos to help you get started and a very helpful forum and support staff if you get stuck.

Can you imagine saying to people, “I’m a software developer”? How cool is that? It’s great, and lucrative too! :)

Get your discounted UBotStudio here!


Neil and Linda Shearing

PS, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out UbotStudio and make your own software before deciding whether or not being a “software developer” is for you…

PPS, the coupon code is encoded in the link, above. Be sure to click that link before ordering to get the discount order page.

PPPS, I want to reward action takers, so the first TEN people to claim a copy of UBotStudio will have email access to me to ask me anything about using UbotStudio to make quality software, build an email list and make money!

Just send me your receipt and if you’re among the first TEN, you’ll get this exclusive bonus, valid for six months starting 30 days after you place your order (that’s to ensure only buyers get the bonus, not refunders).

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Watch Me Build A Website In 7 Minutes!

I’ve been given a review copy of “Authority Site Builder” by Mike Steup, and have used it to build a website in just 7 minutes. You can watch me build the site in the video, below…

Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited Launches In The UK

Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited UK

Hot on the heels of the Kindle Unlimited launch in the USA, Amazon has launched Kindle Unlimited (KU) in the United Kingdom.

The monthly fee is slightly more expensive than the USA, with the UK price being £7.99 per month in the UK and $9.99 in the USA. With the exchange rate being $1.64 to the pound, the UK rate should be £6.09. Even with 20% VAT, that would still be £7.31, so Amazon has exceeded the conversion from $9.99 even accounting for the exchange rate and 20% VAT. Perhaps they decided to give themselves a margin in case the exchange rate fluctuates wildly, or perhaps they just went with the next highest pound and deducted a penny to end up at a marketing-friendly figure of £7.99 per month. Continue reading

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KDP Select Global Fund Pool vs Kindle Authors

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

[Updated 15th, 16th, 17th September]
Back in July 2014 Amazon launched a new way of selling Kindle books in the USA called Kindle Unlimited. Unlike the old system where people paid money for each book they wanted and the author earned a percentage, the new system, was more of an “all you can eat” offer… Continue reading

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