Destroying The Duplicate Content Penalty Myth

As a valued blog reader, I’d like you to see my brand new 13-minute movie…

If you’re worried about using “Private Label” articles on your website because Google will “ban” you, or you won’t get top rankings, or you’ll be put in the “Supplementary Results” index… this movie is one to watch! :-)

Hopefully it will clear up any confusion about how Google deals with duplicate content.


(If my server can’t handle the load, please try again later!)

PS, I’ll also show you where to get 10,000 quality PLR articles for under 7c each!

Early feedback… “Thanks for that great video Neil! That has answered a whole load of questions and got me very excited about PLR articles”! :-)

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I've been an Internet Marketer since creating and selling my first ebook in 1997. As a former scientist I like to test money-making ideas, then simplify and share them. Apart from this blog, I can also be found on many social media sites. Click here for a list.
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8 Responses to Destroying The Duplicate Content Penalty Myth

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Neil,
    Great article as usual. I always wondered about duplicated content with all the scares about it but it never seemed to affect me with my articles.
    So thanks for clearing that up.

  2. Sandra says:


    Thanks for the great information on duplicate content. Contrary to what some say, it does take time to read, understand, and rewrite plr articles so you don’t lose the meaning. Sometimes, changing a word here and there makes it a better read. But the whole duplicate content theme has been scary.

    I appreciate you clearing it up.


  3. Peter Tremayne says:

    Hi Neil,

    Great video and information on understanding duplicate content. I wrote you an email last week but thought it would be more useful to start adding comments to your blog.

    I really was unsure about the whole DC thing, but I see now why it isn’t such a problem after all.

    I used to be concerned about writing an article for my blog and submitting the same article to an article directory like ‘Ezine Articles’, because of the duplicate content problem.

    Now after your advice, I just submit away to the directories and it has already began to make a difference by bringing in more traffic.

    Thanks again,


  4. Genuine affiliate program training says:

    Hello Neil,

    I’d already made a comment on the previous article. Just to add that your article here gives me a great deal of JOY – now I can forget the scare and put your ideas into use.

    Thanks man :)

  5. Neil_Shearing says:

    You’re welcome. :-)

    Please share the news… link to these posts! ;-)


  6. Internet marketing training online says:

    Thanks Neil,

    I will do just that. I will post to my social bookmarking sites and tell my friends in forums. :)

    I wonder why you didn’t add the popular social bookmarking site’s bookmarklets so that one will just click on it and submit?

  7. Jason Frovich says:

    Neil what does it mean when Google does this?

    In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 5 already displayed.
    If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

  8. Neil_Shearing says:

    Hi Jason,

    It means that Google considers those other results as almost idential and isn’t showing them, unless you specifically click to see them.

    That’s why it’s so important, if you use duplicate content, to be the most relevant result for that content… usually the one with the most PageRank.


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