Desktop Software And Server-Side Scripts Working Together

It’s not exactly news that different concepts when brought together can act as more than the sum of their parts.

I saw a great example of that recently when I launched my Real Link Finder software. The software runs on Windows machines using .NET and was created by my desktop programmers as something of value I could give away.

But without the server-side PHP scripts, the software giveaway would not have been much use to me. It was the server-side scripts that delivered the webpages, captured the visitor’s names and email addresses into a MySQL database and posted it to my autoresponder company, issued unlock keys and emailed them to the people who signed up.

The scripts were even smart enough to recognize specific homepage entry URL’s and use that information, along with a cookie, to “brand” the download “on the fly” with customized information depending on who promoted the software.

Of course, when the person unlocking the software used their key, a call was made to my server to check the validity of the key… yet more interaction of desktop software and server-side scripts.

It wasn’t easy to bring together this whole system. The desktop programmers were different to the PHP coders, so there had to be discussions between the two teams as to how and when information was going to be passed between the two. Both sets of coders also had to deliver what I, the marketer, wanted… which often took a few revisions and accomodations.

Now that the system’s up and running, it’s great to get positive feedback from the software users and know that the desktop and server-side systems worked together to deliver the solution to them.

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4 Responses to Desktop Software And Server-Side Scripts Working Together

  1. Vitallywell says:

    I had a chance to use your software and it definitely came up with some blogs I would have never found myself. I found several PR4 blogs and picked up some valuable backlinks. Thanks!

  2. Zazsis sterling silver rings craft says:

    I am one of those that see the error message which says “wrong unlock key” during activation of the software. Is there a remedy to this or do I have to wait for the next version or update?

  3. iPhone News says:

    I love this software, especially that you used .NET framework, thats rare in this area.

  4. WoW Exploits Hacks says:

    Zazsis – I’m not seeing that error so I can’t be of help, sorry. All looks fantastic to me. Will be bookmarking your blog :)

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