What Are Your Best Twitter Tweeting Tips?

If you could give a new Twitterer one “top tip” to maximize their Twitter experience, what would it be?

Please leave your top tip in a comment, below, or send them to me on Twitter @NeilShearing. Thanks. :)

I’ll be releasing a video of the best tips, with full credit to the original Twitterer. :-)

Feel free to leave your Twitter link in your comment… or a link to your blog.

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I've been an Internet Marketer since creating and selling my first ebook in 1997. As a former scientist I like to test money-making ideas, then simplify and share them. Apart from this blog, I can also be found on many social media sites. Click here for a list.
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4 Responses to What Are Your Best Twitter Tweeting Tips?

  1. Matt Garrett says:

    The best tip I would say is to use a third party “reader” like Thwirl.org
    It makes Twitter life a lot easier.
    Matt Garrett

  2. Douglas Lampi says:

    The best twitter tip – follow the top people in your niche, when they send out a tweet about a new post to their blogs – follow up, join in the conversation and make a helpful comment.

    Make sure your blog or website has your twitter feed featured, so you can build your own follower list from people within your niche.


    My niche is Tourism Marketing via Web 2.0


  3. Neil_Shearing says:

    Matt, that would’ve probably been mine, too. :)

    Douglas, thanks, that’s a great tip. :)


  4. Gert Hough says:

    Hi Niel
    I am no guru at using twitter but I like the setup I have now. I would like to read even more tips from your blog. I have made a short tutorial (just steps) in a blog post about the way I am using my Twitter together with TwitterFox.

    I also have the facebook toolbar installed so that I am notified when someone updated their profile status.

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