Making Money From Adsense On Domain Holding Pages?



In what could be a boon for many people sitting on undeveloped domains (ones that just have placeholder pages, also known as parked pages or parked domains), Google has announced that you can place Adsense on such pages.

“Many publishers have approached us looking for a way to monetize their domains, and today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of AdSense for domains. This product allows publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on undeveloped domains.”

At the moment, you’ll need to be an “English-language AdSense publisher located in North America”. Google says, “we’ll expand to additional regions and languages in the future”.

It’s not as easy to get Adsense on your parked domain pages as it is for regular pages. It seems that you have to tweak the domain DNS settings to effectively turn the placeholder page over to Google, who then display a page with “Sponsored Listings”, “Related Searches” and “Popular Categories” along with two search boxes.

This raises two points…

1: How can Google justify creating a page with just ads and search boxes, when they say you can’t create MFA (“Made for Adsense”) sites? The unique content on these “Domains for Adsense” pages is zero. What was that famous guideline… something like… if you remove the advertising, does the page still offer value?

2: How these “Domains for Adsense” pages have any relevance to the visitor? The only thing Google can base the targeting of the ads on is the domain name. As an Adwords advertiser, would you want your ad displayed on a page with very little relevance to what you’re offering?

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13 Responses to Making Money From Adsense On Domain Holding Pages?

  1. Neil_Shearing says:

    testing… please ignore… :-)

    Google Ad Sense is the program where you earn per click on your addsense ads and adsens adds … that’s googleadsense also know as adsence by :)

  2. Mike Collins - Internet Marketing Strategies says:

    Hmmm…sounds like Google is changing their tune to pad their profits.

    And I see you’re still testing out misspellings like you did with Google Chrome. Must be getting decent results with it.

  3. Jim O'Neil the Network Marketing Guy says:

    It is really hard to believe that Google is going to leave this protocol intact. There are so many complaints about garbage on the web already that I can’t see the Big G encouraging more.

  4. Joy Marc says:

    Hi i want to confirm, is this still effective today?

  5. Vincent Torres says:

    I was just thinking about Making Money From marketing and you…ve really helped out. Thanks!

  6. Allan - Basingstoke wedding photographer says:

    I agree with the above poster. When I do a Google search, the last thing I want is a lot of irrelevant results.
    Then again, I can understand why the owner of a parked domain would want to earn some cash from it, so I guess its a case of live and let live.

  7. Ryan Bozem- Clan Templates says:

    I think there are probably some other ways to go about monetizing holding pages that are more effective than adsense. The problem with that, is that there will be such a limited amount of traffic coming to the page.

  8. Wer says:

    Think Google is really being selfish and getting more benefits for themselves than for the user but giving a picture as though it is really customer oriented.

  9. Oliver- Free Wii says:

    I don’t think people should be able to benefit from hogging domains that other people could really need… I personally think that parking pages are quite en-ethical, unless they are genuinely parking the domain while they do something to the site, which a lot of people don’t do! And Google are allowing them to making money out of it?

    Bah… thanks for the post anyway :)

  10. Joel - Ajijic Vacation Rentals says:

    You raise some good points and show some Google inconsistencies relative to previously stated policies regarding Adsense on domain holding pages.

    My guess is this, that some domains have more value that others because at one time they were active sites that had content and inbound links. These domains although no longer active are generating a certain amount of traffic.

    My question would be how does Google decide which ads to serve up for these sites? Determine this and I think the other questions will be answered about relevancy etc.

    Joel Smith
    Casa Preciosa Ajijic, Mexico

  11. Web Design Los Angeles - Jecobs says:

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  12. Hardeep Singh says:

    This is indeed strange coming from Google that always thinks about quality-of-service first. Does it mean that adsense is not as successful as they would want it to be?

  13. Trent says:

    Merry Christmas!

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