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In the last blog post, I mentioned a service by Martin Avis called Amazing Gold Mine. You can read my Amazing Gold Mine Review here. In a nutshell, Martin gives out a spreadsheet of the best products to promote on Amazon for easy affiliate commissions. But what if you wanted to broaden your viewpoint from individual products to niches? What if you wanted to know how competitive different niches were, with the easiest ones to target being pre-selected for you?

NicheReaper does that for you. It analyses about 20,000 keywords per day for how competitive they are and how valuable they are. Not only that, but it also checks how many keywords are in a niche and analyses the profitability of the overall niche. If, for example, you were interested in selling electronic toothbrushes, it would be useful to know the competition (based on backlinks and PageRank), search volume and possible clicks for a top-five position. NicheReaper does that as well as letting you know whether or not exact match domains are available for the individual keywords. Individual keywords AND whole niches are ranked for profitability by a colour-coding system (green, amber, white), so you can tell immediately whether any given keyword or niche is deemed profitable or not.

NicheReaper is not often open to the public, but for a short time you can get access by clicking here. There’s great training available as well as the results of over 5 million keyword analyses to make choosing a niche and building a profitable website are it a doddle.

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