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Content Facilitator is a new blog network run by the famous kiwi Internet marketer, Duncan Carver. I’ve known Duncan for many years and he’s responsible for a top quality newsletter and many excellent backlinking systems. Unlike a lot of Internet marketing “gurus”, Duncan always produces quality products and doesn’t spam his list with junk.



Duncan’s latest project is “Content Facilitator“, which is a blog network along the lines of Article Marketing Automation, Blogging Underground and others. However, there are several twists to Content Facilitator which set it apart. Firstly, it’s not a pay-per-month system… you actually earn credits by publishing members content on your blogs or buying them with cash. You then use your credits to get your content posted to other people’s blogs in the network. At the moment the system only works with WordPress (self-hosted, MU or MS) via the XML-RPC publishing protocol, but other systems that use XML-RPC such as Blogger / Drupal / TypePad and others will be added soon. Secondly, Content Facilitator doesn’t accept spinnable or spun content (see below).



To publish content from members and thereby earn credits you just need to allow XML-RPC publishing at your blog, then enter the details in the member’s area of Content Facilitator. There isn’t much content to publish at the moment, but that’s sure to pick up soon… especially as Duncan is offering free signups and $50-credit coupons!

To get your content on other people’s blogs, it has to be unique and unspun. Quite how Duncan expects to be able to tell the difference between unique content and well spun content, I’m not sure. But the rule of the Content Facilitator is that the content must be unique. You can use your credits to publish a piece of content once or multiple times, it’s up to you. Each piece of content can have two backlinks, maximum. Each time a piece of your content is published, you’re charged credits.

So, is Content Facilitator any good? Well, its early days, but seeing as there’s no on-going monthly fees, it seems that Content Facilitator would be an excellent addition to the backlinking tools of any webmaster… especially if you have some old blogs sitting around where you can publish content from the system and earn free credits!

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