Profiting From Niche Websites

Profiting From Niche Websites

One of the first new products I’ll be releasing this year is called, “Profiting From Niche Websites”. When I ran a poll of which Internet-marketing topics my subscribers most wanted to learn about, it came top of the list.

But, instead of just releasing an e-book, I’m going for a different way to create and release this product. I’ve got a “raw” version of the ebook,¬†which I’m initially going to offer to 50 people along with coaching via email. After the coaching has finished, and people’s questions are answered, I’ll use them to improve the ebook and create a final version which will be offered to a wider audience. People who sign up for the raw version and coaching will get the final, polished, version for free.

It’s a win-win situation because I get to hear specific questions people have about profiting from niche websites which I can use to improve the “raw” version of the ebook, and the people who sign up for the coaching get cut-price access to me to get their questions answered via email, the “raw” version of the ebook AND the final, polished version.

If you’d like to be one of the 50 who get “Priority Access” to the “Profiting From Niche Websites” product, along with the email coaching, please watch the video and sign up here.

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