FTC Targets Bizops With New Rules



Ahh, it’s a long time since I’ve used the word “bizop”. I don’t consider that I sell bizops to anyone… but is that how the FTC sees it?

The FTC have just released new guidelines for what is and isn’t a bizop. As of March 1st, 2012, if what you sell falls under their definition then you have to abide by some onerous new disclosures of information when trying to sell your bizop to your audience, or face the consequences.

I found out about this today, so wanted to bring you the information I have. It seems as though providing teaching materials (ebooks, videos etc) or coaching does not fall under the bizop definition. However, in my opinion, offering reprint rights or PLR rights may do… and are more likely to if they’re accompanied by any claims of income that the buyer could earn.

Here are some links to further reading if you’re interested…

The FTC document (Business Opportunity Rule) PDF.

An interpretation of the document by the “Internet Marketing Law Center” – PDF.

More information and a discussion at Small Biz Trends.

A Warrior Forum discussion on the changes.

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