$25k Firesale Review And Bonus

What’s the $25,000 Firesale? Read on, or click here to watch the video explanation.

My friend Eric Holmlund bought an online business for $25,000. He acquired…

  1. a professional salesletter with graphics
  2. an instructional course on Forex trading called the Daily Trading System which consisted of 156 videos and 39 trading indicators
  3. a video sample to give away (a potential list builder)
  4. a member’s area download site
  5. promotional banners in all shapes and sizes

The guy Eric bought this from claimed to have made millions trading the forex markets, and had been selling access to the course at $247 per month.

Eric has decided to make the resale rights to the whole course available at an insanely low price during a 7-day Firesale. So you can buy the entire course for peanuts and learn how to trade the forex markets AND use the sales letter etc to sell the course and keep all the profits for yourself!

It’s a barnstorming offer, but only available for 7 days. Eric always removes or changes the offer after the deadline, so click here to see if it’s still available.

What better way is there to break into the lucrative forex market, where clicks can cost as much as $30 EACH, than to buy a ready-made product and sales letter for pennies on the dollar?

You even get three additional products with Private Label Rights as bonuses, which just makes the offer irresistible. :)

[Update: sorry, this firesale has ended. Please join my email list to be notified of the next one]

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