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For the past few years, Jeremy Burns has been selling bundles of products that he had created, with Private Label Rights, as “Source Code Goldmines” for $197.

Usually you’d get about ten different products in each SCG bundle. Each product would come with a sales letter, professional graphics and the product itself, ready to sell. When you bought a SCG bundle you got the rights to sell the products as if they were your own, and keep all the profits. Not only that, but you could edit the source code files to re-name and edit the product, re-write the sales letter, and create a totally new product to sell as your own.

Jeremy was very successful selling the Source Code Goldmine packages over the years. In fact, he was so successful he ended up releasing 12 different versions, with a combined total of 140 products!

Jeremy has now decided to offer the whole series of Source Code Goldmine products, all 140 individual products, as a retirement sale for just $37. That’s insane!

Originally each SCG package came with a One Time Offer upsell, which was additional material for each product, from autoresponder sequences to audio versions of ebooks. Jeremy offers you ALL the OTO packages when you buy the retirement sale offer. He actually charges less for the OTO package than the SCG retirement package, if you can believe that!

Consider what you can do with these products… learn from them, sell them “as is”, add them to member’s sites, re-write them and create your own sellable products from them, the list is practically endless.

Watch my video review, above, and you’ll see that the total  number of files included in the SCG package and OTO’s is just under 25,000! That’s a huge amount of valuable content to use in nearly any way you wish!

If you get this SCG retirement offer, send your receipt to fabbonus AT and I’ll send you my report, “Massive PLR Profits” for free as a bonus. I’ll send you the source code versions too, and give you the rights to use the files any way you wish.

[Update: Jeremy has now ended the SCG retirement sale. Many thanks to everyone who took a look at the offer, and those who invested in the package of PLR products]

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5 Responses to Source Code Goldmine Retirement Sale

  1. Tom says:

    Great post and super info on the SCG package.

  2. Graham in UK says:

    Hi Neil
    You were slow off the mark weren’t you!
    I got the email from Jeremy Burns re Source Code Goldmine Retirement Sale and having bought 2 versions in the past, I saw the price of $37 and the O.T.O. at $27 and I couldn’t buy it quick enough (LOL).

    • Hi Graham,
      Yes, I was slow off the mark. :)
      I didn’t know the offer was launching, and I was always wary about promoting via JVZOO as they request access to your PayPal account to issue refunds. Having seen multiple launches on JVZOO recently, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I then had to get approval to run the offer. So, yes, sorry for the tardiness! :)

  3. Graham in UK says:

    Hi Neil
    Don’t worry – you’re excused (LOL)
    I always thought the gurus had more than one Paypal account so why the problem?
    I’ve not had a problem at all with JVZoo and their support is good. They also have a launch list of future offerings so you can be prepared for launches………
    The one I am most wary of is Clicksure, as it seems that they take all those (vendors?) that have been thrown out of Clickbank! (or is it just my imagination?).
    Keep up the good work and regards to you and Linda ( you know- the pretty one!)

    • Hi Graham,

      I think having more than one PayPal account was more likely in the past, but as they verify your business bank account and even personal details at the drop of a hat, I can imagine they’d want you to have only one account. They actually say you can have one Personal and one Premier/Business account. If I were concerned about a company, I’d rather steer clear of them no matter how many PayPal accounts I had.

      I understand what you say about Clicksure. I read their Terms and Conditions a while ago, which I doubt a lot of people selling there have done, and they listed our currency as “Stirling”. That basically summed it up for me as a place to avoid.Clicksure Sterling Stirling

      I’ll pass on your message to Linda! :p


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