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Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders

In a previous blog post, I was one of the first people to report the content of Marlon Sanders’ new product, “WP Leads And Sales Dashboard“. When I did that blog post, I had very little information, just that the product would probably be launching soon, and a short video from Marlon which “leaked” the details of the product itself.

Now, the product has launched, and Marlon has given me review access so that I can do a behind-the-scenes product walkthrough and let you know what I think.

As my long-time readers will know, I don’t promote products “blind” as that has a terrible habit of backfiring. I always ask for review access and do my own, personal review of a product. It is amazing, though, that so many marketers don’t even ask for review access before firing out promotional emails to their lists. I remember one product that was a very hot “firesale” recently. I asked for review access, which was granted, along with the comment that I was the ONLY marketer to have asked to see the product! Considering the sheer number of people promoting the product, that amazed me. Although, it could also reflect the level of trust that the other people promoting had in the guy selling the product, and knowing he wouldn’t offer a “dud” product.

Does The Marketer Respect You?

Let’s look at how Marlon does business, which I believe to be very important because if a marketer tries to “fool” you into making a purchase, what does that say about the quality of product they’ll deliver?

Telling You Want The Product Is, And How It’ll Help You

Does he sell using “blind copy”, which means to promise you a way to make money without explaining what you’ll be doing to make the money? I’m sure you’ve seen sales letters like these. They usually tell you it’s “not” SEO, PPC, Article Marketing, JV Deals etc, but they don’t tell you what it IS you’ll be doing to make money, just that you’ll make lots of it! Marlon doesn’t do that. The sales letter clearly explains that the concept is to use a simple, step-by-step process to build a WordPress blog that will generate leads and sales.

Offering You Discounts For Leaving The Page, Or Trying To Stop You Leaving

Are there a barrage of popups-on-exit offering you ever-more-desperate reasons to buy the product? The worst version of this is offering you a $10 savings if you buy on exit, or $20 if you buy on “still trying to exit”! What does that say about the customer who paid full price? It says the marketer things they’re a mug! Marlon doesn’t do that. I didn’t encounter a single popup-on-exit.

Using Actors To Feign Credibility, Wealth And Success

Is there a cheesy video with actors in Ferrari’s posing in front of a mansion and saying they’ll help you make quick cash? No. Marlon uses a plain sales letter. No gimmicks.

Selling “Get Rich Quick” Loopholes And Exploits

Is the product a “works today, won’t tomorrow” exploit for getting money or traffic by bending the Terms Of Service of a company? Again, no, this is “evergreen information”, not a flash-in-the-pan product.

Upsell Hell?

Is there a “cheap front end product” followed by “upsell hell” as you try to work out which pieces of the puzzle you need to buy to actually have a chance at making money from the system? No. Marlon does offer you a one-page selection of his other products which you can add to your order, but none are required. How refreshing is that?

OK, so Marlon markets products online the right way, and has been doing since about 1996. Yes, he’s one of the few marketers still active who started before me (crikey, even that “Old Timers” post is five years old”)!

In addition to marketing ethically and honestly, you need a great product. So how does the new “WordPress Dashboard” do? Well, here’s my product walkthrough video review…

WP Dashboard Video Walkthrough

As you can see from the video, the product is a very detailed and thorough step-by-step guide to creating a “direct response blog”, which means a blog that gets traffic, email signups and generates a profit.

Here’s a pictorial walkthrough of accessing the the Dashboard and selecting the first step from the first week…

Wordpress Dashboard - Complete

WordPress Dashboard- Complete

Audio Introductions - From Marlon

Audio Introductions – From Marlon

Daily Steps - 6 Per Week

Daily Steps – 6 Per Week

First Step - Get Domain Name

First Step – Get Domain Name

First Step Details

First Step Details

As you can see, the details of the first step, on the left, are impressive. I haven’t linked to a full-size version because I want to respect that this is Marlon’s product and he may not wish me to give away the content. However, you can see that these are very detailed, step-by-step instructions. There are 36 steps in total, covering every area of setting up a “direct response blog”.

There’s a lot of value to be gained in addition to following the steps by also avoiding the “gotchas”.

For example, in “choosing a domain name”, Marlon says how important it is to say the name aloud and have people write down what they hear. He even gives the example that saying “” resulted in people writing down “”. Those people would be lost traffic!

These small tips are VITAL to building a successful blog. If people hear your domain, but type in something else, you’ve lost that potential visitor. The cumulative effect of making small mistakes like that are huge.

Check out the full details of the new “WP Leads and Sales Dashboard”, here.

My WP Dashboard Exclusive Bonuses

1: My advanced WordPress video, “Robots for WordPress” where I show you how to stop Google indexing pages and posts at your blog and thereby improve your chances of free Google traffic. Value = $47

Advanced WordPress Training - Robots

Advanced WordPress Training – Robots

2: My advanced WordPress video, “Blogging like lightning” where I show you how to speed up your blog and earn bonus SEO points from Google. Value = $47

Advanced WordPress Training - Speed

Advanced WordPress Training – Speed

3: A 30-minute critique of your blog after you complete Marlon’s dashboard training. Value = $497

To claim your bonuses, please buy Marlon’s “WP Dashboard” using this link, then send your receipt to: “fabbonus AT googlemail DOT com”

I’m limiting the number of bonus claims to 30, so I can handle the volume of 30-minute critiques. If you know you’ll want one, please act now.

What do you think of Marlon’s WP Dashboard, my video review, or making money with WordPress and a “direct response blog”? Leave your comments below…

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