SEO … Do You Care?

Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0

Google released their “dreaded” Penguin 2.0 update on May 22nd.

Did you notice?

I have to admit, it pretty much passed me by. I don’t see much difference in my organic traffic. What about you? Did you see any major changes?

It’s about a year since ourĀ popular blog post about Google Penguin which generated 101 comments. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction to “Penguin 2.0″.

Let’s broaden that out… do you care about Google anymore, or have you given up jumping through their SEO hoops to get “free traffic”?

Do you even use Google to search anymore…? Bing’s market share has grown 2% over the last year… but at Yahoo’s expense, not Google’s. With two-thirds of searches powered by Google, I guess someone still loves the “Big G”…

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18 Responses to SEO … Do You Care?

  1. I’m not worried about the updates in the least, personally. If you write to provide good content, rather than spending all your time on SEO trying to ‘game’ the system, you’ll be fine.

    Google is pretty much the only search engine I use. Bing’s results are never as relevant for me, and that’s something I hear quite a bit from others, as well. If I need more info, or want to get a ‘wider perspective,’ then I use Dogpile.

  2. Don says:

    Really don’t care anymore. I suppose I would if I were fighting for a spot in the top 10. Even then, I wonder if “professional” SEO is dead. Do they just keep changing it up and making everyone guess what the last tweak did?

  3. I have not seen any new rankings yet from the latest update. I still care about SEO. Free traffic is still free.

    • Hi Allen,

      The cost of organic traffic isn’t really free. You pay the cost upfront when you create the content, but the common understanding is that it’s “free” because you don’t exchange money for it directly.


  4. Tony Vancoillie says:

    Didn’t notice any difference. I use Google the host ’cause it is easy to find on any format.
    Have a good one,

  5. Anthony Mark says:

    I’ve only noticed it with clients whos sites were not up to Google guidelines and I was not working on their SEO. Google’s always going to be a factor in search.. At least for the foreseeable future. And we all have to admit, it makes life much easier only having to deal with one major search engine.

    So it cant be ignored. And the only way I see their market share being threatened, would be by a competitor finding away to combine multiple platforms & services that rival Google. And were nowhere near that!

    Anthony Mark

    • “it makes life much easier only having to deal with one major search engine.”

      Good point, Anthony. It was tough optimising for Hotbot, Inktomi, Altavista, Infoseek and Lycos. :-)


  6. Bruce says:

    I started IM shortly after you did Neil, back in 1998, when I joined eBay to sell a few things for profit. After that it was Traffic Equalizer, about ten years ago. Unfortunately for those of us who had TE scraper sites, we were mowed down by Google after a few years of making easy money. Next, at least for me, it was AdSense sites for a few years until Google once again took a sledge hammer to those sites.

    I was always been afraid to have all my eggs in the Google basket but it was so profitable, for such a long time, that it was difficult to switch to some other system. However, I finally decided to only rely on Google for a small portion of my online earnings. I’m now concentrating on FBA from Amazon, a totally different approach, but one which makes more sense to me than depending on Google, at least for the moment.

  7. Chandan says:

    Google is behaving like a mad scientist indeed. The truth of SEO is, today you are ranking, tomorrow you will be gone or may be replaced with sites with incredible amount of spam.

  8. Hi Neil, Found that my site is going up in the Google search results. I rewrote most of my content after getting hosed by Google. I too started in 1998 and built my share of sites that made money only to fall because of Google. I had a big time hate for Google for a while. I started to realize that my content wasn’t very good. People like you posting information keeps people like me informed and going.

  9. Gary says:

    Like many have already said, I don’t care about the update. I’ll admit that it does open the door for internet marketers in the make money online niches to sell more products to the unsuspecting. For the rest of us that build our web properties right and seo them correctly we’ll be fine. Neil, you showed us what to do years ago and it works. Why should we worry?

  10. Hi Neil,

    Yes I do care about SEO, have not noticed much across the whole web on people being effected by the latest changes.

    I think quality content, good organic backlinks and trying to tick the imaginary “Google Guidelines Tick Sheet” helps with getting websites to the top of searches and keeping them there.


  11. Hi Neil,

    My business is traditional rather than on-line marketing but i have used the internet (websites, forums etc) and speaking at conferences to promote myself and my services since the end of the 90s and have built up a good business. I personally don’t use google for personal search anymore as the results were getting non relevant (although, see below i may try again). I noticed a long time ago that the results were flooded with links from the same sites. If i searched for a particular term a few years ago then i got a good mix of sites and results to choose from and from a personal point of view I always (in general) found what I wanted in the first few results. Then a couple or so years ago I got pages of results from the same sites, if these pages were relevant then fine but they are not and i ended up going to third and fourth pages to find what I wanted. I tend to ignore the vendors pages that flooded the results not because they are bad results but because they are product placements not the actual facts i wanted.

    I have noticed that since penguin 2 that the results have returned to the state that they were at least two years ago and more. Penguin 2 in one sense has penalised the big players in this update, at least in my view of looking at it.

    If this update has meant a general fix to the problem of floods of pages from one site then in my opinion penguin 2 is a good thing. I use for search as its like google was ten tears ago, clean and simple and the results are relevant. If google goes back to meaningful results I may use google again.

    In terms of penguin 2 for my sites; I have noticed an increase in traffic and for some search terms I have gone back up the rankings but as i say i think this is related to removing the floods of pages from single vendors from results



  12. Shaun says:

    I noticed a significant drop in traffic to my main free content site on May 8/9. It’s too early to tell what happened as a result of Google’s May 22nd adjustments because it was a 3-day holiday weekend in the USA. I should be clear on the impact of latest Penguin (if any) by this time next week.

  13. Guru of Backlinks says:

    The site that is my main focus now is a new site, and I’ve been doing a lot of work for it in recent weeks. So I was interested to see how this latest Penguin update might affect it. I’ve seen a lot of fluctuation (up a few spots some days, down a couple the next, back up the next), and it doesn’t look like it’s settled yet. So my thought is that it will take another week or 2 to really see what (if any) real impact it’s had.

    Bradley above mentioned that he isn’t worried, and I tend to agree with him (for both the same and different reasons). First, mine is a brand new site. I did not expect it to jump to any top spots in as little as a month. The fact that I’m seeing some of the rankings I am is a great thing! I’m also shooting for some pretty heavy keywords, so I know it will take some time to climb up the rankings. If I were already in a top position and had employed…questionable…ranking techniques, I might be more concerned. As it is, I’m actually grateful for this recent update. It gives me a chance to see (almost in real time, lol) how my own efforts are affecting my site. That’s a great way to improve my strategy.

    I’m also not worried because I’m a firm believing in creating great content and building relationships with other bloggers and webmasters in order to improve my site’s rankings and authority. I know that I’m not engaging in any actions that the search engines wouldn’t approve of, and I’m actually trying to help others along the way. So I’m looking forward to the analysis period that will come once everything has settled down. I give it to about Mid-June, then I’ll start digging into the analytics to see how things have been affected.

    Great post Neil, and glad to hear your opinions as well. Been on your list for a few years and I look forward to the content you offer! ;)

  14. Levannah says:

    Oh wow,,,,thanks for the catch up, Neil! I dont even know Google is updating algorithm. Honestly since around that date, my 5-months blog which usually get 15 – 20 views max a day, suddenly get 35 – 40 views a day and showing sign to increase :D.

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