SEO Now: What Works In 2014?

SEO - what works?

SEO – what works?

I’m writing an updated SEO guide tentatively called, “SEO Now: What Works In 2014?“.

It’s really interesting to see the changes to SEO since I was trying to rank high at Infoseek way back in 1997! Back then it was a simple job of sticking the keywords you wanted to rank for in the Title and┬áseveral times in the body of the webpage, preferably inside a lot of header tags. :)

Wow, SEO has changed dramatically over the years! :)

Here are some topics I’ll be addressing in the new book…

  • How often should I add content?
    Are social signals important? How can I easily get more?
    Is “page load time” important?
    How do I organise my site best?
    Should I claim my content?
    Is being mobile-friendly important?
    What’s bounce rate all about? What other metrics should I know?
    What are “guideline” pages, and do I need them?
    What can kill my site’s trust?
    Should I be building links in 2014? How?
    Is a “mention” worth anything?
    What’s this I hear about “semantics“?

I’d like to make sure I answer everyone’s concerns about what it takes to get free traffic from Google and other search engines.

Do you have any other areas you’d like me to tackle regarding SEO?

If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below…

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I've been an Internet Marketer since creating and selling my first ebook in 1997. As a former scientist I like to test money-making ideas, then simplify and share them. Apart from this blog, I can also be found on many social media sites. Click here for a list.
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9 Responses to SEO Now: What Works In 2014?

  1. Bill says:

    Hi Neil,
    Four years ago I had on and offline SEO off to a fine art. I’d developed my own check sheets to cover every aspect of a site. I had fantastic results and then two years ago Google started with all it’s various changes, very confusing, change after change so it was difficult to even try and keep up with what was going on – site rankings plummeted, income plummeted and I scrapped many, many websites.
    Since then I’ve directed my efforts, quite successfully, in other IM directions mostly with the use of Social Media.
    I still don’t know what is effective and what is’nt these days as far as Google is concerned.

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      Yes, things have most definitely become more complicated. That’s what attracted me back to the problem. :) I love simplification. Now that the initial confusion over Penguin, Panda and the rest has settled down, I want to cut through the noise and get a perspective on what’s working and what’s not.


  2. Ribka says:

    Hi.. I want to start publishing my own website which is meant for online education. What do you think is the best way to promote and to make my website easily being visit and attrack many people to join

    • Hi Ribka,

      Give your visitors a better user experience, perhaps through text, video, images, interaction via comments or a forum, than anyone else is currently giving them. :)


  3. George says:

    Hello Neil,
    The topics that you’ve listed seem to cover all my questions. Just glad to hear that you’re still about in the Business … had not heard from you in awhile. Good luck with the book!

  4. Phil Maguire says:

    Whenever I’ve asked this question to other SEO experts, all I get back is a deathly silence. But you asked for it.

    So, I get it: until recently, SEO has been really easy and you could get really great results with it. This was in the day when there was no such as white hat or black hat SEO because no one needed to make the distinction. But now Google has got cleverer and made it more difficult to “cheat” the system. You can still do it but now it requires skill, knowledge and things like “Private Networks” or “Link Wheels”, whatever they are.

    So, my question is: are you getting the same results as you were (say) 3 years or have the results dropped as the work and cost has increased? Because if it is costing more and we’re not getting the same results, maybe it’s not the best use of resources to grow our businesses. And how does SEO compare to other options like just buying in traffic – especially with the war going on between Google and Facebook?

    In case, you were wondering those two questions are really just the same question looked at from different angles to help clarify it for you, so I wasn’t cheating by saying I had one question and then asked you two, honest.

    • Hi Phil,

      As SEO for “free” traffic takes more time and effort, it becomes less “free” and more a costly expenditure of time. Google slapped private blog networks along with all other ways to game the organic listings for two reasons… 1: to improve the quality of their results pages which were getting worse and worse and 2: to drive businesses penalised by Penguin, Panda et al to buy clicks using their Adwords system. As it’s notoriously difficult to shake off a Google penalty, I would imagine a serious percentage of slapped businesses opted to pay for the traffic, moved to a new domain, or gave up.

      To directly answer your question, a lot of my old sites were slapped as no-one expected Google to ever penalise a site based on its backlink profile. I don’t buy traffic so I can’t make a comparison on that. Yes, I would fully expect it to be more difficult to get ranking positions now than it was in the past. However, those sites that are trusted are probably getting a lot more traffic than before because 1: some of their competition was slapped and, 2: Google now uses synonyms to match keyword phrases, so a top listing may generate substantially more traffic.

      Whether or not your efforts would be best put into other ways to generate traffic is a decision for your business. Although, if you have a website and add any kind of content, it wouldn’t hurt to do it in the best SEO way possible. :)


  5. Troy says:

    It seems to me that anything intended to get higher ranking is considered black hat? What white methods are out there that Is not questionable?

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